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How We Became Team Writers

on June 17, 2016

REUNION FOR THE FIRST TIME started with Kathie’s suggestion for a title, a love triangle concept and a question…why don’t we write this together? We had just registered to attend our first RWA Conference in Reno, Nevada. We created a plot map walking the large perimeter of the hotel’s parking lot early mornings before sessions started. By conference end, we had assigned alternating chapters to each of us and our first team-written novel resulted. Maybe because it’s our first born, we might love it the most.

The official release date is July 15th. Our first book signing is scheduled for August 27th at 1PM at our favorite bookstore – THE BOOKSTORE, 475 N. MAIN, GLEN ELLYN, IL

Pre-orders are available at various online book retailers. To preorder on Amazon click here: PREORDER REUNION FOR THE FIRST TIME



Worldwide Release July 15, 2016


2 responses to “How We Became Team Writers

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  2. pamelasthibodeaux says:

    great decision on y’all part!
    good luck and God’s blessings

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