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Ecstatic On Our Father’s Behalf

on June 22, 2012

One of the most thrilling aspects of publishing is beholding cover art for our books for the first time. You want to squeal with glee and drag a parade of humanity in front of your computer monitor to view the masterpiece that “covers” your creation. And. of course, you want all these people to join you in ecstatic admiration. Usually our husbands are the only humans available besides us.

We received the cover art last evening for our Dad’s three children stories. We’re publishing them in all Ebook formats – an enormously exciting endeavor – but, more on that in the near future.

The three covers, designed by Judi Fennell at, arrived with a quiet, you’ve-got-mail trill late in the evening.

Opening each file in succession, heart swelling delight built and overflowed. Not only did the art speak perfectly to the stories that our Dad wrote for us when we were little, but also we experienced that amazing first on his behalf.

Would he appreciate the art as much as we do? Would he agree that the cover visual captures the essence of the written word within? We said yes for him, in the firm belief that he would have loved this “cover moment” every bit as much as we always do.

We also believe that he was there gazing in admiration at the computer monitor.


2 responses to “Ecstatic On Our Father’s Behalf

  1. joellewalker says:

    Oh, my angels, how utterly fantastic! Everything you do lifts my spirit, makes my heart sing! Eternally proud of you.
    PS: Must have all three…

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