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Born When Our Father Died

We didn’t comprehend the inspiration triggered by our father’s death on April 19th, forty-seven years ago. Little girls muddling through the irretrievable loss of one wonderful parent and the temporary loss of the other while she grieved couldn’t find a single positive in the situation for many years.

But today in treasuring our parents’ memory we see clearly how vibrantly present he is in our team writing and how fundamentally both “K”ay and “M”ickey also gave birth to us as authors. A K.M. Daughters’ story consistently evokes strong emotion: loss, abandonment, betrayal, disappointment – and then, ah love. The Easter message every time. Love never dies. Love never leaves. Love heals. And love is never sad.

At our father’s funeral mass when we thought we couldn’t be more miserable than in that moment, we’re certain he sent us a message of love. A tiny altar boy clasped the chain of a thurible, an incense burner used in the church for solemn occasions. Pungent smoke rose from the burner straight into the kid’s face, no matter how he tried to angle his head away from the upward puffs. We noticed his distress simultaneously as if Daddy had directed our gazes. The comic display had us grinning. The boy’s face contorted in misery, tears streaming. He suppressed gags and screwed his eyes shut. Hands covering our mouths, we struggled not to burst out laughing. Eyebrows knit, our mother noticed our glee. She followed our gazes and in one brief moment her face transformed with her tremulous smile. Daddy would have loved that. We’re sure he engineered it.

Where do our stories come from? Aside from individual imagination, maybe beyond the clouds.

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How We Became Team Writers

REUNION FOR THE FIRST TIME started with Kathie’s suggestion for a title, a love triangle concept and a question…why don’t we write this together? We had just registered to attend our first RWA Conference in Reno, Nevada. We created a plot map walking the large perimeter of the hotel’s parking lot early mornings before sessions started. By conference end, we had assigned alternating chapters to each of us and our first team-written novel resulted. Maybe because it’s our first born, we might love it the most.

The official release date is July 15th. Our first book signing is scheduled for August 27th at 1PM at our favorite bookstore – THE BOOKSTORE, 475 N. MAIN, GLEN ELLYN, IL

Pre-orders are available at various online book retailers. To preorder on Amazon click here: PREORDER REUNION FOR THE FIRST TIME



Worldwide Release July 15, 2016


Our Dad’s Children’s Books Now Available!

Our Dad, Michael J. Lynch, was a captivating story-teller. He loved children – especially his daughters. We are blessed by his legacy that instilled in us a passion for reading and writing. He also left us three manuscripts: children’s stories he wrote for us. With enormous pride and excitement we release his books for sale!
THE SLIPPERS WITH THE TURNED UP TOES. Click for Kindle Store  Click for Smashwords
THE TWILIGHT TWINS. Click for Kindle Store  Click for Smashwords
SASPERILDA. Click for Kindle Store  Click for Smashwords
Download our K.M. Daughters free author App for Android or iPhone for an exclusive peek – first chapters of all three books FREE in the books section of the App.
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Ecstatic On Our Father’s Behalf

One of the most thrilling aspects of publishing is beholding cover art for our books for the first time. You want to squeal with glee and drag a parade of humanity in front of your computer monitor to view the masterpiece that “covers” your creation. And. of course, you want all these people to join you in ecstatic admiration. Usually our husbands are the only humans available besides us.

We received the cover art last evening for our Dad’s three children stories. We’re publishing them in all Ebook formats – an enormously exciting endeavor – but, more on that in the near future.

The three covers, designed by Judi Fennell at, arrived with a quiet, you’ve-got-mail trill late in the evening.

Opening each file in succession, heart swelling delight built and overflowed. Not only did the art speak perfectly to the stories that our Dad wrote for us when we were little, but also we experienced that amazing first on his behalf.

Would he appreciate the art as much as we do? Would he agree that the cover visual captures the essence of the written word within? We said yes for him, in the firm belief that he would have loved this “cover moment” every bit as much as we always do.

We also believe that he was there gazing in admiration at the computer monitor.


Kindle Autographs

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Welcome to auth…

Welcome to author K.M. Daughters blog. So happy to know you and have the chance to chat.

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