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Ten Best Things In Our K.M. Daughters’ World

#1 Receiving Final Galley – Edits Are OVER!

#2 Receiving The Newest Book Cover!

#3 Opening the author shipment box!

#4 Holding a finished book by K.M. Daughters in our hands!

#5 Adding the book to a “special” shelf!

#6 Pre-Orders available!

#7 Worldwide Release Day!

#8 Receiving well wishes and encouragement from fellow authors!

#9 Fans’ excitement!


Our newest release available now on Amazon and your favorite online bookseller.

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Celebrate Lit!

On tour until August 28th

We love meeting Readers, old and new, along the way of the Celebrate Lit blogspot tour. Our gracious hosts have chatted with us and reviewed our new release. Come “visit” with us for interviews; background on us as writers, sisters and Christians; ask questions, make comments and vie for a change to win an amber rosary blessed by the Abott of Jasna Gora monastery in Poland – the site of the famous Black Madonna.

Here is our “travel” agenda:

Blog Stops

Texas Book-aholic, August 15

Debbie’s Dusty Deliberations, August 16

A Baker’s Perspective, August 17 (Author Interview)

Inklings and notions, August 18

For Him and My Family, August 19

Vicky Sluiter, August 20 (Author Interview)

Mary Hake, August 20

deb’s Book Review, August 21

Locks, Hooks and Books, August 22

Library Lady’s Kid Lit, August 23 (Author Interview)

Artistic Nobody, August 24 (Guest Review from Joni Truex)

Ashley’s Bookshelf, August 25

SusanK. Beatty, Author, August 26 (Author Interview)

Because I said so — and other adventures in Parenting, August 27

Happily Managing a Household of Boys, August 28

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Waiting for July 10th…

There are so many exciting junctures in the writing life starting with the thrill of coming to THE END of a manuscript, receiving a contract to publish, finishing the line editing process, seeing your publisher’s vision for the novel in the book cover to finally and long-awaited – the notification of the release date!

Our Supernatural Thriller/Speculative Fiction novel, Rose In The Desert releases in digital on July 10, 2020. With all that has happened in our lives and in the world during this story’s journey from conception to anticipating release, we can’t remember this level of excitement about a new book release.

Maybe it’s because of the full circle nature of the journey. We mark January 26, 2008 as K.M. Daughters’ birthday because Nicola Martinez, then an acquiring Editor for the White Rose inspirational romance imprint of The Wild Rose Press, offered us a contract to acquire our manuscript for Jewel of the Adriatic: our much beloved first published novel. By the time Nicola acquired our sequel, Rose of the Adriatic, she had also acquired White Rose Publishing Company for inspirational romances and had split off from The Wild Rose Press.

Three novellas related to Jewel and Rose of the Adriatic followed: Gospa Journeys Books 1-3. And now we await July 10th when Rose In The Desert culminates our Marian apparition themed journey with Nicola, who now is Editor-In-Chief and owner of Pelican Book Group which includes imprints in Christian fiction, non-fiction, young adult Christian fiction, new adult Christian romance and clean and wholesome fiction for the whole family.

A LOT happens in life in twelve years. Actually a LOT can happen seemingly overnight spurring us to turn more than ever to our divine Savior. We hope the monumental fictional happenings in Rose In The Desert entertain you and at the same time inspire you to draw ever closer to our Lord.

Paperback pre-order available now for release on August 1st.

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Giveaway Pre-release Party!

ROSE IN THE DESERT tells the story of four women whose lives shockingly intersect with spiritual messengers, Anna the Marion visionary (JEWEL OF THE ADRIATIC AND ROSE OF THE ADRIATIC, White Rose Publishing) and Catholic priest, Father Mark McKenzie (GOSPA JOURNEYS, VOLS. 1-3, White Rose Publishing). When starkly faced with their human failings, disbeliefs and disregard for the right path to salvation AND given redemptive direction from God Himself, will they, and all humanity listen and believe?

Come celebrate our excitement anticipating the pre-release (Release date TBD) of our Speculative Christian Fiction novel Rose In The Desert.

For your chance to win, ENTER HERE for the entire month of September 2019. Drawing for winners October 1st.

Editor’s Note: Rose in the Desert brings to life the truth of God’s saving grace. 

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Amazing Audiobook Narrator, Ted Brooks

We have a special treat for Audiobooks fans today. Please meet Ted Brooks, talented and gifted narrator of our Sullivan Boys Romantic Suspense Series. Ted Brooks Sound supplies voice-overs and audio production throughout the country. Ted has over 30 years’ experience in recording, talent direction, voice over and project management. He has narrated ninety-eight books – including five of our romances – and, soon to count ninety nine books if he agrees to narrate our contemporary romance, Reunion For The First Time.

Ted is the recipient of awards for best national commercial, local spot and top interactive K-5 reading course, Reading Adventures.

Welcome Ted!

K.M. Daughters: We loved your voice from the very first audition audio file, Ted. What attracted you to the sample script of Capturing Karma?

Ted Brooks: I loved that someone was speaking to Mattie from the grave.  I knew that would lead to some creative production to make the voice from the grave sound a little ethereal.  I loved the sound effect that we used to do this. Mattie is such a great character with her intuiting and wonderful nature,  that she really helped me to get to know the Sullivan family.

K.M. Daughters: How did you start book narrating?

Ted Brooks: I studied Radio/TV in College and worked in the field for a few years, but soon tired of the constant moving to new areas, trying to find a job that paid well, so I switched to recording studio work.  While I had assumed that I would just record music, it soon turned out that I was really good dealing with corporate clients and soon found myself producing commercials and industrials almost exclusively.  I was usually on the other side of the glass during my early days, but once I switched over to working for a division of Viacom that produced educational software, we got into a time bind on a project and I volunteered to do the VO. That worked out well and soon I found myself with about as much freelance work as I wanted, so I “kind” of switched to being a voice talent in addition to whatever type of multimedia production I was currently doing. When I found myself without a permanent job, I soon was exclusively doing VO work and one day, while searching for more ways to make a living, I stumbled across the site set up by Audible to connect narrators to authors. I then auditioned and got my first book, a novella entitled “Little Graveyard on the Prairie”, by Steven E. Wedel.  I loved the work, and jumped in a little deeper, and recorded a bunch of books and short stories.  I took a break for about 1 1/2 years as my wife dog and I bought an RV and traveled through 37 states, looking for  a new place to put down stakes, as Northern California just got too crazy and expensive.  We eventually ended up in a little town in Arizona, called Prescott, where I have set up my studio and now record books more as a hobby than a job, which makes it even more fun for me.

K.M. Daughters: Do you read a novel in its entirety before you begin recording? Do you make script notes prior to recording? What is your process?

Ted Brooks: I pre-read the entire book, making character notes, looking for difficult pronunciations and generally try to get an idea of what I want to do. Then, at night, I usually pre-read what I expect to record in the morning to refresh my memory.

K.M. Daughters: Do you become invested in books you narrate?

Ted Brooks: Oh yes I do. I will sometimes look at what’s going on in my life and see connections to what I’m recording at the time. I’m currently working on a non-fiction account of a couple of WWI draft dodgers called “Arizona’s Deadliest Gunfight”, which took place about 3 hours away from where I live. I have many connections to that story, which makes it a great book for me to record.

K.M. Daughters: Is it hard to narrate stories that you don’t particularly enjoy? How do you decide which projects you undertake?

Ted Brooks: It is hard to narrate books that I can’t connect to and, one time, after recording more than a hour of a sci fi book, I just had to tell the author that I couldn’t really connect to his book and begged out of my contract. My real problem was that the book was so poorly written, it didn’t make any sense to me.  So, I usually now look especially hard at the audition script and whatever else I can find on the internet to convince me that the author is a good writer.  With all of the freedom to self publish these days, there is, not surprisingly, a lot of bad books out there. That’s one of the reason I love narrating the KM Daughters books as the writing and wordsmithing is very well done.

K.M. Daughters: I think our series represents the first romance novels that you’ve chosen to narrate. Are you planning to narrate more romance genre novels?

Ted Brooks:  I knew that romantic fiction is very popular these days, so I did set out to find one to try my hand at it. I’m most grateful that you gave me the chance to do a whole series about the same family. I think I have somewhat of a knack for it and hope to continue to record more of this genre.

K.M. Daughters: What is your recording studio like?

Ted Brooks: It’sjust a spare bedroom in our house that I put up a bunch of sound reinforcement in and treated the walls with acoustic tiles, so it sounds good. Being an old brick house, it’s a nice quiet place to record. My studio takes up much of the room and my actual recording space is just a closet, lined with acoustic tiles:  (Please don’t tell me to come out of the closet)

I have a couple of excellent microphones, use the industry standard ProTools recording software and am quite pleased with how it sounds.

K.M. Daughters: Working with you is a pleasure, Ted. Thank you so much for bringing our stories to life in such a wonderful way. Is there anything you would like to add for your audiobook fans?

Ted Brooks:  I love what I do and hope that listeners appreciate it. I love working with KM Daughters and I am already looking forward to my 99th audio book “Reunion For the First Time”. Thanks for asking me to do this.







Born When Our Father Died

We didn’t comprehend the inspiration triggered by our father’s death on April 19th, forty-seven years ago. Little girls muddling through the irretrievable loss of one wonderful parent and the temporary loss of the other while she grieved couldn’t find a single positive in the situation for many years.

But today in treasuring our parents’ memory we see clearly how vibrantly present he is in our team writing and how fundamentally both “K”ay and “M”ickey also gave birth to us as authors. A K.M. Daughters’ story consistently evokes strong emotion: loss, abandonment, betrayal, disappointment – and then, ah love. The Easter message every time. Love never dies. Love never leaves. Love heals. And love is never sad.

At our father’s funeral mass when we thought we couldn’t be more miserable than in that moment, we’re certain he sent us a message of love. A tiny altar boy clasped the chain of a thurible, an incense burner used in the church for solemn occasions. Pungent smoke rose from the burner straight into the kid’s face, no matter how he tried to angle his head away from the upward puffs. We noticed his distress simultaneously as if Daddy had directed our gazes. The comic display had us grinning. The boy’s face contorted in misery, tears streaming. He suppressed gags and screwed his eyes shut. Hands covering our mouths, we struggled not to burst out laughing. Eyebrows knit, our mother noticed our glee. She followed our gazes and in one brief moment her face transformed with her tremulous smile. Daddy would have loved that. We’re sure he engineered it.

Where do our stories come from? Aside from individual imagination, maybe beyond the clouds.

Visit with K.M. Daughters at

Become a fan at


How We Became Team Writers

REUNION FOR THE FIRST TIME started with Kathie’s suggestion for a title, a love triangle concept and a question…why don’t we write this together? We had just registered to attend our first RWA Conference in Reno, Nevada. We created a plot map walking the large perimeter of the hotel’s parking lot early mornings before sessions started. By conference end, we had assigned alternating chapters to each of us and our first team-written novel resulted. Maybe because it’s our first born, we might love it the most.

The official release date is July 15th. Our first book signing is scheduled for August 27th at 1PM at our favorite bookstore – THE BOOKSTORE, 475 N. MAIN, GLEN ELLYN, IL

Pre-orders are available at various online book retailers. To preorder on Amazon click here: PREORDER REUNION FOR THE FIRST TIME



Worldwide Release July 15, 2016


Our Dad’s Children’s Books Now Available!

Our Dad, Michael J. Lynch, was a captivating story-teller. He loved children – especially his daughters. We are blessed by his legacy that instilled in us a passion for reading and writing. He also left us three manuscripts: children’s stories he wrote for us. With enormous pride and excitement we release his books for sale!
THE SLIPPERS WITH THE TURNED UP TOES. Click for Kindle Store  Click for Smashwords
THE TWILIGHT TWINS. Click for Kindle Store  Click for Smashwords
SASPERILDA. Click for Kindle Store  Click for Smashwords
Download our K.M. Daughters free author App for Android or iPhone for an exclusive peek – first chapters of all three books FREE in the books section of the App.
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Ecstatic On Our Father’s Behalf

One of the most thrilling aspects of publishing is beholding cover art for our books for the first time. You want to squeal with glee and drag a parade of humanity in front of your computer monitor to view the masterpiece that “covers” your creation. And. of course, you want all these people to join you in ecstatic admiration. Usually our husbands are the only humans available besides us.

We received the cover art last evening for our Dad’s three children stories. We’re publishing them in all Ebook formats – an enormously exciting endeavor – but, more on that in the near future.

The three covers, designed by Judi Fennell at, arrived with a quiet, you’ve-got-mail trill late in the evening.

Opening each file in succession, heart swelling delight built and overflowed. Not only did the art speak perfectly to the stories that our Dad wrote for us when we were little, but also we experienced that amazing first on his behalf.

Would he appreciate the art as much as we do? Would he agree that the cover visual captures the essence of the written word within? We said yes for him, in the firm belief that he would have loved this “cover moment” every bit as much as we always do.

We also believe that he was there gazing in admiration at the computer monitor.


Kindle Autographs

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Use the widget to request personalized autographs for our books on your Kindle. 

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